On my 41st birthday, I started a new tradition for myself. I dedicated a word for the upcoming year. My word serves as a symbol and reminder of my chosen focus for my next trip around the sun. 

The first two years, the words flew to me. 

September 2018 was soar.

September 2019 was shine. 

(I’ll just say, I don’t think anyone could’ve picked a word to accurately capture the events of this year. And it’s okay, my word still served me).

My word did not come to me this year, probably because when September arrived I’d been sheltering in place for six months and my brain was boggled and a hopeful, appropriate word escaped me. If forced, I probably would’ve picked an exclamation like SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHEN THIS WILL ALL END BECAUSE I AM REACHING MY BREAKING POINT!

So I let it be. Three months later, as I wrote yesterday, my word showed up for me:

AND. All caps. A-N-D.

This year is all about the ANDs, all the things that simultaneously, somehow, coexist.

A time to embrace AND endure.

To feel safe at home AND miss life out in the world.

To grieve the pandemic effects AND feel grateful to still be healthy.

To feel far away from Kenny AND find ways to keep him close. To miss him AND keep loving him.

To laugh hysterically AND bawl my eyes out.

To feel blessed AND stressed.

To be wired AND tired.

To chase it down AND let it be.

To show up for myself AND find new ways to show up for my people.

To enjoy all this extra time at home AND feel stir crazy.

To open my heart AND create clear boundaries.

To love myself just as I am AND support myself to grow and change.

There are so many ANDs, y’all. I never realized. They are blaringly obvious now and I feel them everywhere.  

All of this to explain how I came to the theme of my Whole30 Group Coaching for January 2021. 

Isolated AND Together

We can’t be together, but we are still in this difficult situation together. Do you feel what I mean? 

We need to stay physically apart to keep each other safe AND we need to stay emotionally connected to keep each other sane.

If this resonates with you, if you feel a tug at your heart or a spark in your mind, maybe it’s your time to Whole30 with me. Together, from a distance, we will love on ourselves and on each other. The magic of Whole30 happens in this space we create. It starts with food, mindfully nourishing ourselves and caring for our whole selves with real food. From there, it has the potential to change your mind and your life. Not because there is something wrong with you that needs to be changed, but because you deserve to feel your best in this one life you get to live. If you’re ready to invest in yourself, I’d be honored to support you to achieve your goals. I know it will be challenging AND I know you can do it. 

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