Cafeteria-Style Whole30 Group

My program for my upcoming January Whole30 Group will provide cafeteria-style offerings. What does that mean? I will cover the basics AND beyond. You will have the option to pick & choose what you need that particular day. 

If it is a day when your plate is already full, then just stick to the basics. Is it Whole30 compatible? If the answer is yes, then eat it. That’s as basic as it gets & all it takes to complete a day of Whole30. 

AND there is so much more.

If it is a day when you need extra support, love, encouragement, self-care and/or advice, then you can load up your tray with the beyonds.    

My goal is to meet you right where you are to help you achieve your individual goals and get the most out of your Whole30 experiment. I want to provide extra support AND honor your time and needs. I do not want the extras of the program to feel overwhelming, so you can take what you need each day, and leave the rest. 

I know from experience that the extras will take your experience to another level and better set you up to make lasting lifestyle changes. AND I know there will be days that it may feel like too much to dive deeper. I’ll be there for you either way. My approach allows you to tune in & trust yourself, so instead of feeling bogged down or bossed around, you’ll feel empowered to use the tools as you need them! You’ll get out what you put in & only you can decide.

Email me with questions or to sign up at

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