Know Thyself Part 2

My most fave of all the personality frameworks is the Enneagram. It is deep and layered and fascinating. I have studied up on my number quite a bit, and I have only begun to scratch the surface. 

I’m a 9 – The Peaceful Mediator

I’m SO a nine.

When I first read about my number, I felt like someone had picked my brain and published my deepest inner thoughts without my permission.

In health, 9s are calm, easygoing, accepting and kind. They see all sides, feel empathy & mediate to find equitable solutions. (I mean, I earned my degrees in Applied Conflict Management!)

When unhealthy, 9s go along to get along, detach and choose false peace over truth. Our instinct is to meld instead of meeting issues head-on. Ooof. (Stop looking at me, SWAN). 

Imagine the calm surface of a lake. No wind, no movement, no ripples, smooth and reflective as a mirror. This is where 9s find comfort, in undisturbed peace. 

We don’t want to rock the boat. Above all else, we maintain the serenity. It is my instinct to choose the peace of the moment, to keep the surface tranquil, over making the waves that are necessary to effectively resolve conflict.

Knowing this about myself, I can do the work to consciously choose better options. The Enneagram supports me to better understand my wiring and accept my design while using it as a tool to empower myself to grow and make healthier choices.

The Enneagram shines a light on my tendencies, how I was made, and frees me to be how I was created AND work to find health, support my strengths and face my weaknesses with love. 

This is only a very basic description of my number and the Enneagram. There are wings, triads, blind spot paths, growth paths, core motivations and more. If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend starting with Suzanne Stabile and Your Enneagram Coach.

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