You Have It In You

We can totally change how we eat & treat ourselves.

I was:

  • a kid who liked two foods
  • a teenager who subsisted on fast food & Hungry Jack
  • a vegetarian who lived on cheese & bread & sugar
  • a young adult who started every day with a Pepsi Big Gulp & often ate just a Snickers for lunch
  • an adult who became debilitated by an autoimmune disease

I am:

  • living my own unique food freedom

I began to change my habits out of sheer desperation. (Which can be very motivating!) Once I understood the way my food choices were negatively impacting my wellness, it became much easier to make healthier choices, create new habits & take better care of myself. 

If I make it seem easy now, I just want to remind you that I had a lot to overcome & unlearn to reeducate myself.

You have it in you to do it, too. 

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