Come to Your Senses

I’ve been learning more about the ways our senses can reduce anxiety and increase gratitude by grounding us in the present moment. I’ve realized it is a huge reason why cooking and eating feel therapeutic and calming to me, and I want to share this with you through Kenny’s Kitchen. I seek to encourage a full body and soulful experience to awaken your senses and bring yourself more fully into the here and now because it is all we truly have, and it is far too easy and common to let the present slip by unnoticed. 

As it gets safer to gather and we get to be together again, I hope we can all bring lessons from the pandemic forward with us and truly appreciate the time we get to spend with our extended family and friends. This has always been the goal of Kenny’s Kitchen, and for me, the isolation from my loved ones further illuminated my mission. 

👀 When you see our logo in your kitchen, I hope it is a visual reminder of the blessing of time together. I hope it makes you think of Kenny with a smile, and then put down your phone to be focused and truly see the people right next to you. 

👃 When you season your food and smell our delicious spice blends and recipes, I hope you’ll pause to appreciate the aroma and let it spark a moment to feel gratitude for the blessings in your life. 

🤲 When you begin to prepare your meals, I hope you’ll find the joy in combining ingredients with your own two hands to create tasty food to nourish yourself and your loved ones. I hope you’ll reflect with gratitude on all of the people who worked and collaborated to get those ingredients into your hands.

😋 When you sit down to eat together, I hope you’ll slowly savor each scrumptious bite, and take the time to experience the flavors as they engage your palate, nourish your body and fill your need for food.

👂 When your conversation begins, I hope you’ll let go of the past and present to tune into your companions’ voices and stories and give them your undivided attention. I believe it is the greatest gift we can give each other. I also hope you’ll open up and share what is on your heart and mind. Make your table a safe and sacred space to communicate and connect. I encourage you to say a prayer to God in appreciation of His blessings of your people, food and time. This is the prayer I most often recite around our table: “God bless the food before us, the family beside us, the love between us, in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.” 

These are mealtime habits we can practice to become more aware and fully enjoy our time together. When we end up rushing through a meal unaware on autopilot, (because we definitely will!) we can just try again tomorrow. We can root our families and relationships in this mindful practice, and it will keep us connected and build the support system we all need to weather life’s pits, celebrate life’s peaks, and share all that comes in between.

I hope you give us a chance to add meaning to your meals in these ways in honor of Kenny. I miss these everyday moments with him most of all and that’s why I hope to inspire you to make the most of your precious time together. 💜🌈

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