Five Years

He has missed so much.

We miss him so much.

Every day.

The weeks pile up without consent.

Left to wonder where the time went. 

Five years

living in the fray.

She has lived longer with him gone than here.

He fades further with each passing year.

Grief refuses to be kept at bay.

Toddler memories don’t keep.

I have helplessly witnessed hers seep

a    w    a    y.

The gaping hole will haunt her in different ways

for always.

A burden I cannot slay.

This I cannot change 

facts I cannot rearrange. 

I have to bear it night and day. 

As a child, she lives in the moment

while I lament.

Still, she grieves in her own way.

Why her, she pleads, why her Dad?

Why didn’t she get to keep the life she had?

No answer will make her pain go away.

She remembers the last words he spoke

He’d see her in the morning.

But instead she awoke

to the primal screams of my mourning.

Burned into her memory, the horror will stay.

There is nothing I can do or say.

I lift it to God and continue to pray.

Assure her He is with us, come what may.

You Have It In You

We can totally change how we eat & treat ourselves.

I was:

  • a kid who liked two foods
  • a teenager who subsisted on fast food & Hungry Jack
  • a vegetarian who lived on cheese & bread & sugar
  • a young adult who started every day with a Pepsi Big Gulp & often ate just a Snickers for lunch
  • an adult who became debilitated by an autoimmune disease

I am:

  • living my own unique food freedom

I began to change my habits out of sheer desperation. (Which can be very motivating!) Once I understood the way my food choices were negatively impacting my wellness, it became much easier to make healthier choices, create new habits & take better care of myself. 

If I make it seem easy now, I just want to remind you that I had a lot to overcome & unlearn to reeducate myself.

You have it in you to do it, too. 

Whole30 Good Food For Good Sweet Potato, Spinach & Shrimp Coconut Curry

I’m having a blast getting creative in the kitchen with my Good Food For Good sauces! Here’s a delicious recipe for you to try.

  • Preheat oven to 400
  • Peel & dice 4 sweet potatoes
  • Steam until soft
  • Dump the water & return the sweets to the pan
  • Pour in a jar of Good Food For Good Coconut Curry Sauce, then fill the jar halfway with water, give it a good shake & dump into the pan. This will ensure you get all of that thick, delicious goodness.
  • Bring to a simmer & remember to stir 
  • Place raw, thawed shrimp in a bowl & drizzle with evoo and shake on salt & pepper
  • Spread out seasoned shrimp on a parchment-lined sheet
  • Bake for 6-8 minutes, until pink & opaque 
  • Throw a handful of spinach into the pan & stir
  • When the shrimp is fully cooked, quickly add it to the pan & mix to coat, then serve right away.
  • Enjoy every good bite!

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Good Food For Good!

I am officially a Goodfella! 

Y’all know I am all about sharing my fave things & ways to make life & meals more meaningful. 

Good Food For Good is a company that aligns with my mindset & mission so I am thrilled to share my new partnership as a brand ambassador for @goodfoodforgood. 

I love every single thing about this company! 

It was started by a mom with a mission to make it easier for people to create nutritious, delicious food AND make a difference in the world with their Buy One Feed One program. For every jar purchased, they donate a meal to a food bank!

Their products are straight up delicious. Their ketchup & BBQ are my family’s most fave whether we are Whole30ing or not. 

All of their products are:

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sweetened with dates 






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I get to share all about my favorite products & how I use them to create easy, tasty meals.

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Music & Memories

In an untouched moving box

I opened an accidental time capsule

unearthing a portal to our past.

Countless shows

endless memories

favorite moments 

inhabit the marrow of these songs. 

Kenny’s curls rockin’

his smile beaming

his resonant harmony

wailing in his glory.

A piece of her daddy 

to share with our child

arranged in his chosen order

containing messages eternal– 

Strawberry Fields Forever

Forever became our wedding song

sung by our son.

A soundtrack to his days

begins with his humor

ends with a graceful reminder 

he is in the Lord’s arms.

–Ben Harper Creamy Mix–