Starting a New Life

I can imagine if you didn’t know me before I found Whole30, then you might assume some things about me. Especially scrolling through my Instagram feed. Like:

  • I’ve always been a yogi & mindful eater & meditator
  • I never drank alcohol
  • I always ate meat & drank brone broth
  • Cooking real food has always been my passion
  • I was never a Pepsi addict
  • I am just someone who has always had willpower & healthy habits

Nope & nope & nope. Nope. Nope & nope. Nope. Nope. Nope & nope.

Yesterday I reflected back on my first Whole30 to remember all the feelings I felt when I started. I recalled posting to my friends on day 1, so I searched & found it.


I wrote the above post & comments four years ago in a private group to six of my closest friends. Back then, we were doing yoga at each other’s houses once a week, but I really showed up for the girls’ night & the drinks & food after the yoga. Other than my fam, I only told my yoga girls at first because I was pretty sure I’d never make it 30 days. Like truly felt it was 99% impossible to even think I could. I was an ill, beer-drinking, bread-loving, cheese-adoring, sugar-addicted, tofu-eating pescetarian. I hadn’t eaten meat in over 20 years. I really thought I was not the “kind of person” who could complete such a difficult challenge. But I was so desperate for relief, I committed to give it my best possible try & take it day by day.

Looking back now, I did change in many ways. I became someone focused on living well. I learned how to be kinder & more loving to myself. I developed some sweet kitchen skills & a passion for real food. I had energy like I’d never felt before. I prioritized my well-being & made choices from this new place of empowerment & understanding.

It’s also reassuring to be reminded that I am still the same person. I didn’t have to become a different person to create a new lifestyle & habits. When I sent this yesterday to my friend from the group, she replied, “And somehow you managed to stay your awesome self!” I could do it all along, I just had to believe in myself enough to take the first step & the support of my awesome friends really helped.

If you would’ve told me 4 years ago that I’d now be a Certified Whole30 Coach & yoga teacher, I would’ve found the idea 100% impossible to imagine. Whole30 & yoga have become a lifestyle for me, so sometimes I forget how far I had to come, how much work I had to do, to change my life.

This old post was a great reminder for me, so I wanted to share it in case it helps you. If there’s a change you want to make in your life, then commit to go for it. Declare it to your closest support system & ask them to be there for you (maybe with cleaner words than I did hahaha) & take the first step towards your goal. If you fall, be kind to yourself, focus on the lessons you can learn, and get back up to keep going. For real, if I can change my life, so can you.

I love sharing music so here’s a song to inspire you along the way: Van Morrison – Starting a New Life

Thrive Market + Whole30

thrive market + certified whole30 coach logos.JPG

I am thrilled to announce my partnership with Thrive Market!

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Their products are sorted by hundreds of values, everything from Whole30, paleo, and gluten-free to BPA free, sustainably farmed, and zero waste.

What’s even better? With every member who joins Thrive Market, they sponsor a free membership to a low income family, public school teacher, military veteran, or first responder — which truly epitomizes their mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone.

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My Whole30 Story: Part 1

My health issues began when I was a teenager, over two decades ago. I suffered from an autoimmune disease, Endometriosis, with symptoms that ranged from painful to debilitating. This was my normal. I thought most everyone had unbearable cramps & felt weak because I seemed to not be able to handle them as well as everyone else. I eventually sought help from several doctors & I thought I had done everything I could do to improve my situation. Suffering in pain was life as I knew it, so I just did the best I could. I lost days of my life, tethered to my heating pad in misery.

In January, 2015, I began to experience new, seemingly unrelated symptoms. I developed a wicked rash between all of my fingers. I focused on treating the rash from the outside & nothing worked. The itchiness & pain continued to worsen. I was incredibly desperate & worried.

At this time, I had the chance to meet up with an old college friend. He & his wife were nearing the end of their first Whole30 & happily told me all about the program. He had already experienced some improvement with skin issues. That was all I needed to hear. When my family left the gathering, we went straight to the bookstore, purchased (the only published Whole30 book at the time), It Starts With Food. I read it late into the night and started my first Whole30 the next day.

Let me pause to stress what starting Whole30 would change for me:

*I hadn’t eaten red meat or pork in over 20 years. I thought bacon was disgusting. I’d given up poultry in college to become a vegetarian. Years later, I began to eat fish & seafood & lived as a pescatarian ever since then.

*I was obsessed with cheese. All the cheese, all the time, all the days. I really, really, really loved cheese. A LOT.

*Same goes for bread. All the bread, all the time, all the days. Not cheap sandwich bread. The good stuff. Baguettes, fresh Italian loaves, whole wheat. And I had perfected a delicious, homemade bread that I was super proud to eat & share.

*I was a fan of beer. The fancy stuff. Nut browns were my fave. And wine. And vodka. I didn’t drink every day, but I hadn’t ever intentionally gone a month without alcohol & I really didn’t want to try. At all.

*I ate plenty of soy & legumes. Edamame, tofu, hummus & high-quality peanut butter were staples for me.

*Pasta was my go-to cheap, quick dinner & we ate it at least once a week. And we all really enjoyed it. With mounds of fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

*Oh and sugar. I DRANK SO MUCH SUGAR. And ate it, too. I paid ZERO attention to the amount of sugar I consumed. I was a “healthy” pescatarian, after all. I started every day with the sugariest coffee you can imagine. I became a Pepsi addict when I was a kid. I drank it every day, all day, for so many years. It never occurred to me that it was a problem. I had finally stopped drinking it when I was pregnant with my daughter. I continued to abstain while nursing her. But I still really wanted it. Especially at restaurants & gas stations. Fountain Pepsi was my jam. Even without Pepsi, all of my drinks were sugar-fests. I drank sweetened tea & juice. I was a total sugar addict & I didn’t even realize it.

*My habit was to start each day drinking sugar-laden coffees for hours & not eat breakfast. (And feel like crap).

*I was feeding my family of 4, who were very accustomed to how we ate.

*My husband loved to cook, & had been making meals since he was 11. All of his go-to meals included also non-compliant foods. Remember, I decided to start Whole30 just 12 hours after I heard about it. I was all – Guess what, Babe? I’m changing the whole way I eat…tomorrow. – That’s a lot for even the most supportive spouse to adjust to.

*So yeah, every meal we cooked & ate consisted of something I would have to give up to complete Whole30. Every. Single. Meal.

Following the advice in the book, I told a few friends that I was taking on the Whole30 challenge to set up some support & accountability. I remember explaining the rules to them & then jokingly saying: So basically, I just have to become a different person. That’s all.

THIS IS HOW DESPERATE I WAS FOR RELIEF. If not for the brutal, raging rash on my hands, I never, ever would’ve thought that I could complete a Whole30. Because, cheese.

But, lucky for me, desperation can lead you try some seemingly impossible things.

No one in my life had heard of Whole30. I was totally in it alone. I devoured the book, studied the website, started an Instagram to find people & recipes & found answers to all of my questions (#questioner). I chose to follow the AIP version of Whole30, which requires removing even more foods, because I was not playing around. If I was doing this, I was DOING THIS. If changing my food would heal my rash, then I was all in it to win it.

I followed the rules & didn’t cheat. I started to eat meat. (My husband was thrilled!) I tried new recipes & created delicious meals for my family. I got more comfortable with the rules & in my kitchen.

It felt like magic. I changed my food & my body, my mind and my life changed with it! My rash DISAPPEARED. GONE! My energy & sleep improved tremendously. My skin glowed. My faced beamed. My Endo symptoms even improved! Whaaaat??!! I ate meat & I understood all the hype about bacon haha. I lost 25 pounds I wasn’t even trying to lose. All just by eating platefuls of delicious, nutritious food.

Whole30 changed & improved my whole life.

Pretty incredible, right? And this is just the beginning of my story. Part 2 of  my story…coming soon.

hand before & after

If I would’ve had any idea how amazing my results would be, I would’ve taken a much better “before” pic. And moved my hand away from the toilet haha. That rash was Bad. News. Bears. Hopefully you still get the idea. That vicious rash DIS-A-PPEARED!