Whole30 Coach

Have you experienced your own awesome Whole30 NSVs but feel lost after the 30-day experiment ends? Then this book club was made for you! 

Join me for four weeks in February to focus on finding your food freedom! 

We will meet in Zoom at 8pm EST on 2/7, 2/15, 2/21, 2/28 and connect all month in Slack.

Together we will read & discuss the book, journal, share insights, practice mindfulness & growth mindset, develop individual goals & take concrete steps to establish a personalized food freedom lifestyle. 

You don’t have to go it alone! Come together in a community led by a Certified Whole30 Coach to blaze your trail alongside your food freedom forever friends.

Investment: $35

Email foodmindlife@gmail.com with any questions and to sign up.

Find links to purchase the book here.

1 thought on “Whole30 Coach”

  1. HI. I’m thinking about hiring a Whole30 coach. I’ts funny, I tried filtering the search to coaches close to me but it didn’t work so I just scrolled thru the photos. I clicked on your photo because of your yoga pose. I was happy to see you are only an hour north of me! I like that you are also a life coach. I just retired (age 59) and I’ve been in a big fat rut for along time. Would you send me some information about your fees as a Whole30 coach and your Life coach fees. Thank you so much! Robin


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